Certified Networker® III

In the Certified Networker® III program you will be creating and implementing a power referral marketing system that will bring your business and lifestyle to new levels. We’ll take the art of relationship building and the science of effective marketing to attract the type of clients you want to do business with. With the tools provided in the Certified Networker® III program you can stop networking to death and start enjoy Referrals For Life®.

Certified Networker III - Foundations

In Foundations you will see the big picture of your referral marketing plan. You will be identifying your referral team and be given the tools to measure your activities. It’s time to network Smarter, not Harder for your Referral Team to send you a steady stream of referrals!

Certified Networker III - Part One - You

You will discover that part of you and your business that makes you undeniably unique. Once you have articulated your Emotionally Charged Connection ™ all your marketing and sales activity become more enjoyable and more effective.

Certified Networker III - Part Two - Target Market

With the clarity of your Emotionally Charged Connection™ you will now be identifying a Target Market that wants to do business with you as seriously as you want to do business with them.

Certified Networker III - Part Three - Your People

You will be identifying your eight sources of referrals and rate the relationship level with the VCP Process®

Certified Networker III - Part Four - Your Activities

Now it’s time to start doing the right things with the right people to get the right results.

Certified Networker III - Part Five - Equipping Your People

If we want people to refer us we need to equip them with the right tools to effectively bring us business. It’s time to bring out the “Tool Box”.

Certified Networker III - Part Six - Supporting Your Referral Marketing

Technology has brought a whole new world of communication to our businesses. We can now take social media, the internet and public relations to amplify our referral marketing.